With A Glad Heart


The question was put to me, how does one teach an Other how to envision the larger picture? Especially when it comes to work? Sweaty work. Weeding gardens or fields of cucumbers? How does one teach another that to look at work from another perspective will give the person a different feel for what it is they do? I spoke to a younger about these words I put on the wall quilt. If I could not see the forest I said, I would not see the beauty of the trees. I explained that only by looking at the greater picture of humanity, could I see the beauty in the person. Yet I wrote about trees. It applies also to all things. Only by seeing what it is we do or see as part of the greater picture, meaning that what we do for one person we do for all beings, will we see our individual input as meaning something. It is only then we see our uniqueness in the fuller scale of earth life. But we need mental footwork to be able to see this. It requires an attitudinal change as well before our perspective changes. It means that our effort will benefit all as well as be for our own sake. If our attitude only takes us to our own end with nothing beyond, it becomes of utmost importance that what we do here will benefit those who come after us. They will be our progeny and they deserve the best we can do. Our world becomes smaller each day so our perspectives must grow to include the larger picture. We are charged with a sacred duty.  Let us do it with a glad heart.

Effort Becomes The Way

Take ye and do likewise He said
and I believed Him.
When effort becomes the way
and in a blink of an eye,
becomes a pleasure, nay fun,
one becomes suspect.

For in layman’s terms
work is not pleasure
but desultory means
of making a living.

Woe is the pilgrim
who in life respects
the physical means
of procuring sustenance.
That in its secret
one finds the ultimate answer.

The Virtue is in the labor
and Beauty in the doing.



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2 responses to “With A Glad Heart”

  1. e mail from Al H.. . . .I really like this one. It is a message I try to get across to my kids and others.

  2. Al, as parents we try from the first argument with children to put this thought across. It is a hard lesson to teach and even harder to learn. We try, though, we try. Thank you for your thoughts.

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