To Begin Again. . . .a Christmas Gift

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To family and dear friends who have been married for many decades and wish to give each other a gift with much hope attached,  I give to you this gift of words to tuck into your card of love.   Do not concern yourself that these words will be misunderstood.  For love speaks in waves of gentle understanding to smooth harsh smudges that would blot years of hard work.  To find oneself leaning now when one has been a tower to be leaned against appears to dwarf one’s legacy.   There is much yet to come.  Whether here or elsewhere, hearts will always be grateful for what has been given and so well received.  Take these words to heart.  It is a Christmas gift to you.


To Begin Again. . .  a Christmas gift


Come,  sit with me awhile.
Let the anger of bygone years
bury itself.   Put your hand in mine
and let our fingers twine.

Let us sit and talk of slights
made uneasy in the light of laughter,
of the grief that burned the heart
fan itself into flames
to kindle a million stars.

Let us look to the God in us
that unites the Thy in Thine
and the My in Mine,  happily.

Where can we go from here?
To where the sun need not warm,
the moon pales and
nights and days are quicksilver.

Come, we shall dance.
Across the moonlit waters, we crest.
We leap higher than the horizon and soar!
For we have taken on invisible wings
and spurned the dailyness.
Together we’ve buried the hurts and grief
to allow them their natural death.

But us, Us!
Together we scale mountains
we one day will build.
And set fire to a sun that will warm a heart
and light a moon

that a new world can love by.

5 responses to “To Begin Again. . . .a Christmas Gift”

  1. This is so beautiful, both the introduction and the poem.
    Anytime is the right time to reassess the past and resolve to try to make the future better. But it seems this season’s Christian festivities, and calender turn-around in our orbit around the sun, has a collective goodwill giant surfing wave we all can ride on if we choose.

  2. e mail from George A. . . . . I’ve always liked your writing. You tackle the important issues of life and humanity with intelligence and verve.

  3. To Jane M and George A. . . In this day of ipads and smart phones, I appreciate e mails or whatever way my readers respond. To take the time to read something that does not necessarily entertain and respond to it, means to me it is a significant something. Thank you for your comments.

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