Beggar’s Prayer on Christmas Eve


Beggar’s Prayer


I come with the Grace
of all those I beseech, quietly.
In all names holy.

My work done with love,
in prayerful attendance to life,
to acknowledge the birdsong
extolling the morning and
awakening the sun
in triumph over night.

Sending the mist
to dissipate over the Mount,
to nudge the sleeping sages
into activity,
to secure the earth’s roving
in this sea of tranquility.

I acknowledge my blessings
where I am, but I beg. . . . . .

Extinguish the desires of the old
who miss their spoils of war,
and if allowed would set fire
to the hearts of the young
to do their bidding;
negating the work of the parents
who taught their children  to love one another
from the first time a sibling
invaded their space.

I beg for lives to be spared
so families can again sup together,
that children will again
have parents on the premises.
Begging you again
to hone the values
that would have us carrying one another.

I beg this beggar’s prayer
that man who denies
his own godliness will one day see

the common ground of his divinity.

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