A Depth by Ascent

IMG_20141022_213559_518In discussing the inadequacies of language that plague me much of the time and have left me stuttering, searching for a word,  I knew that somewhere I was familiar with a word that described a feeling or thought or some occurrence which was lost to me in this world. I knew I could go to the thesaurus and find a word no one would be familiar with but would more nearly describe what I was attempting.  But what good would that be if no one understood the word?  Can one go deep by ascending?  Yes, there is a word for it but it is lost to me.   I will one day know it again.   I attempt again to share my thoughts.





A Depth by Ascent

It is with agonized words of
‘I don’t know’ whispered
as I entered the vehicle
stopping for me.

‘You don’t know what?’
was asked I thought with anger,
but later realized was a look of fear
and mine was a blank look returned.

I was again focused elsewhere
but still not knowing from where
the words had come.

Since then I’ve learned
from a lifetime that has quickly passed
that the source of those words
came from conversations held deeply
in worlds we do not enter
except by invitation.

I cannot recommend
what I do not know by route,
except the truth is my life
was lived with intensity
in a personal world.

It is a depth our language
has no words for and cannot describe
in this world we live in.
It is a depth the soul ascends
on its way to the Mount.

The soul only knows its own way.






December 25, 2014

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  1. email from Jane Mc. . . .Dear Veronica, I liked this piece and do feel that your writing often expresses a wisdom beyond this world and I value that special mystical quality.

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