I Will Sing Songs of Love



I Will Sing Songs of Love

You listen wisely and
I will sing songs of love,
concluding a life of harsh lessons.

They were not easy, love,
because you were eager for Light. . . .
The darkness penetrated every portion of life,

too deep ever to see Light.
So we gambled on a road
often refused and not often taken.

Too hard, they said, but for you,
the only one to make bulrushes
seem an easy route.

Your love and I,  we make it home
and find it easy in retrospect,
for the new world

already stands in need.
And your balk does not match my bite.
We can only work.

It is a fair piece yet to life everlasting.

(from a work in progress,  On Common Ground,  My God and Me)

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