In Awe Of Spirit

20150110_111531-1In Awe Of Spirit. . . .to believe or not to believe?

 In answer to the question to believe or not, the author Rosamunde Pilcher,(excellent descriptions of the  English countryside) in Winter Solstice  has one of her characters saying ’I would find it uncomfortable to live in a world where I had no person to thank.’  To paraphrase it I would  say it would be untenable for me not to be in awe of Spirit that has given me mind in whatever form and world I find myself.

 To not believe would be a mockery of those who work with such diligence to improve the conditions of life, whether those receiving the aid be human or for a more encompassing word,  being.

 There is so much beauty and largess of substance to be shared that if it cannot be shared, lessens our pleasure.   However, if only one recognizes the value, it is still not a loss of its qualities because the qualities are innate.   They simply wait for appreciative recognition of these characteristics.

 To wake up  in a world of verdant fields,  or sand carpets with the colors of morning sun,. or simply to wake up and recognize the ceiling from the night before is reason enough to pass the blessing forward.  Grace brings us to where we are at the moment with the knowledge that it is with pleasure that we work to improve  the world in which  we find ourselves.   That what we do for one we do for all to improve the quality of life on all hearths.

 It is a revelation that leads to the knowledge that to work toward the good of all is what evolution is about.   No matter what our status or place, it is for our own ultimate good that we work, toward a future we cannot imagine.   As the philosopher Robert Nozick hypothesized, we may be in world creation training. We may be the one who creates the kind of world we have in mind.  All effort is valued.  No effort or work is ever a lost cause when we elevate life.

 Each of us, like the smallest particles collaborating for larger purposes, can also be called a God Participant.  We  need not apologize when our divinity shines along with our humanity.

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  1. e mail from Linnea . . . . . we may be the one who creates the kind of world we have in mind. . . .now that’s inspiring and a good thought with which to start each day… . . .

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