The Best Of All Worlds


When a teenage grandson arrived into our family, my talks with him were cerebral and pithy.   We were in my basement study and on the wall was a quote which I had paraphrased from something I was reading and his mother, an artist, had illustrated.   (We have since used the drawing on the cover of Kiss The Moon) I have searched out what I was reading but I cannot find what had spurred me on to paraphrase. And my grandson looked at it and pondered and I read it aloud. Wisdom begins when passion is exhausted. And being the good student that he was he said, but grandma, you would be dead then!   I wish I had had the wisdom to add that only when passion is exhausted can you then begin to live.   It is then that we more clearly see issues in nascent form and arrive at more thoughtful conclusions. In too many situations we reach conclusions colored by emotion when we need clarified thought. This is only one of many lessons this Earth classroom must teach us.

The Best Of All Worlds

It was said before
in this best of all possible worlds. . .
that we will surely miss this.

It has to do
with the sweet ways of greeting
to demonstrate love and
of mostly handling the common place.

There are those worlds
of which we speak
where frame of mind cannot compare
with our range of emotions.

How like us that is. . . .
We  boast of our capacity to love
and honor each other through all life
and then raise arms in combat.

Why I ask does it pain me so
to leave it all behind
when emotion has blinded me
and handicapped you
from peacefully coexisting?

Too much,  I think.
My heart needs a quiet time.
One to stand (beside) aside,
to heal my heart and simply Be. . . .

in the next of all possible worlds.





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  1. e mail from Suzanne, I’m so glad to have the wisdom to ‘get’ exactly what you mean. You pick and beautifully convey the path of life in such meaningful phrases. Many thanks.

  2. Suzanne, one learns early in a large family the weight of words and how an incorrect word can have tempers flaring. And how easily choosing the correct word can bond loves forever.

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