Upon Entry




Upon Entry

Upon entry, we shed
the mufflers and the gloves,
the vests and boots,
ready as any warrior to fight the cold.

The hot tea is
a choice companion for us,
as we sit and warm ourselves
before the fire.

A promised relief
we find in each other,
as we no longer find the joy
in battling winter’s discontent.

We know our blood thins
and our patience ebbs
since we do not run and jump
with glee as snow inches up.

We remember though
this once held joy in things
not common to advancing age.
A straight shot of something

would not be unwelcome in the cup of hot tea.

4 responses to “Upon Entry”

  1. I love this latest poem of yours, Veronica, b/c it so illumines/defines our changing attitudes about the changes that occur in our beings as we age…
    Your most recent, past offerings have been very ‘meaty’ with morsels to chew on.
    As always, thank you!!!

    • Pat, thank you for your comments. Sometimes a light lunch is what we require. And with tongue in cheek, something in the hot tea when we come in from the cold!

  2. Maria, it is always amazing to me that as some of us age, we know what it is we don’t need anymore. It is a sure sign of maturity. Thank you for your insight.

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