Entering Before Us


Entering Before Us

    We carry our values with us as silent companions.   When we enter a room we know immediately if we fit.   Our value system has entered the room before us.   And everyone already knows whether we are accepted.  We might as well have the Sargent of Arms announce us.

      How important is this?   We are given knowledge to stay or on some pretext to leave.   If our value systems do not mesh,  there will be no work accomplished.   Or if it is an event of important nature,  nothing will be said or remembered as the event promised.

      It should give us a good and sound basis whether to continue with the group.   We know right away if we will be on the outside looking in.   It behooves us to find those of similar values.   There is no joy to continue being on the outside when there are those whose systems match  or mesh with ours.

      It is a spiritual law.   Our values are honed to our prescription unless discarded as mindless dogma.  When this knowledge of unacceptable values reaches our hearts and minds, we must start the journey.

      Heaven will take us on and open doors as material or new values are integrated.   The work begins when questions rise and demand from us honest thought.    The adventure begins a journey to the wise years of life.   We think the action will be with a sharp change,  but as the essayist Emerson says   ‘real action is in the silent moments because to think is to act.’   Not in any visible changes,  but in thought patterns that will evoke behavior changes to reflect our value system.   Evolution in thought takes time and effort.

      To do this consciously signals a real milestone.

8 responses to “Entering Before Us”

  1. Another wonderful post.

    There are many good points to aging, contrary to what the young think. I have never been more comfortable within my own skin, and often wish I had this comfort when I was younger. I would have done some things differently, but then again, maybe not so much.

    Every step I took and decision I made in my earlier years taught me some dear lessons….some at great cost. But now, I have the luxury of knowing what I want OUT of life, knowing who I am IN this life and am willing to peacefully co-exist with myself. I no longer need to prove ANY of my points. Delicious.

    You always make me think, Veronica. I read you with relish!


  2. Suzanne, Eloquent reply. The examined life is necessary to make life worth living. Thank you for responding.

  3. Jane, it is a ‘come to the front of the classroom’ when we know we grow up to our value systems and find they fit us well. Thank you for commenting.

  4. This is so familiar to me. I’m thinking of knowing when it’s time to leave, when as you say nothing will be accomplished. That’s what I need to learn most.

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