The Prayer Altar


The Prayer Altar

There are always memories that burn the heart.   The only thing to do is take them to the prayer altar and do with them what you will.   If you cringe at the thought of prayer because of discomfort for whatever reason, think of prayer being the quiet internal place when your heart is allowed to grieve unashamedly.   No look at the bright side talk allowed at the prayer altar.   It is the private place where you are with what you think highest and best in Mind and come naked to it with whatever justifications you require.

Forgiveness is easy when memory fails or the heart stops caring.  Forgetting also comes easily to some.   It is somewhat a matter of genes and brain power, whether sufficient or insufficient.  When intelligence and sensitivity allow memories to live on, it is hard to forget.  It is not always a matter of will.

We assume that forgiveness means that the times will be forgotten.  But when the times are entwined with memories that you wish to keep alive, it becomes impossible to forget.  And when there are children involved, we know that children are aware of events because their questions are on target.  Foolish are the adults who think that only what they wish to be known is what others know.   Children intuitively connect the dots and others, not emotionally involved see events in bas relief.

The past, the present and our futures are connected.  The lines are not straight but wiggle and connect various aspects of our histories.  In dismissing one aspect or set of memories, we must be sensitive to other portions  we wish to keep close at heart.   There will be those jewels of our past we hold alive in us, polished by the many times we bring them to mind and the arteries within us all that connect our hearts.  These connections are ours forever.   They are eternal.

Art by Claudia Hallissey

5 responses to “The Prayer Altar”

  1. Dear Veronica, I feel that u would like more input from your readers as to the impact your words are having…. After all, those words have been deeply considered before you write them. To the extent that I can fill a bit of that silence: after I read one of your iterations (esp today), I wonder which words to use, to say (w/o being banal) that my heart and mind are tingling… Anyway, know that you and your words are appreciated, even if we can’t figure how to tell you.

  2. Pat, just to know I touch base and someone comments, is soul food for this writer. What I see and write about I hope is what others see and perhaps I am given the words to articulate. I truly appreciate comments even when those comments disagree. It means I give thought to what needs to be expressed.

  3. Veronica, everything you write touches some level in me, and rings like a memory of something I think I’ve thought and possibly forgotten, only to realize that I haven’t actually thought it, but am feeling your truth in the connection. You are so appreciated by so many. Some of us just need to fully comment on it, while others never do, but absorb your messages just as deeply.

    How I love to find your posts on any given day. Gifts, they are, and I receive them with relish.

  4. Suzanne, thank you for commenting. When I think it is time to lay down the pen, a comment will often keep me keeping on. And then I think just a little while longer. . . as long as readers find my work meaningful, just a little while longer.

    • Veronica, I will truly be heartbroken the day you decide to “lay down the pen.”
      But when you decide you must, all of us who love your work will understand, and we will hope that you know how very much you gave us.

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