This Valentine Heart

IMG_20150128_124139_794Believe because it is true. . . . .

As we approach Valentine’s Day, to all who are bereft and do not or have not known love, what is missed is something you have known somewhere at some time else you would not know you miss it. One day it will be yours again.

 It will be a Given and you will know it because your name will be on that Valentine and you will be cherished for who you are.   It is a love you have known and matches what is in your heart.   You will broach the heavens this night and take a walk through the Galaxy and swing through the stars.   You will see again the love you embrace in your heart and know that forever you have had arms to enfold you.   Never were you abandoned. Never. This poem is for you.

This Valentine Heart

I lay my heart
crimson in splendor
beneath the branches
on fresh fallen snow,
open to my god. . . .

Here it is I am
with all that I’ve gathered;
completed to form
just what you see.

The flakes have scattered
in splendid ways
to carpet the floor
as bed for my heart.

Pick it up if you please
but handle with care.
Sorely I need,
a tender touch.

Life has tested me
to rare form.
I worked it all like Job
and wanted not to fail.

See, this Valentine heart
laid splendid on
the floor of the forest
but  loved to the ultimate

by the god whose creation I am.

4 responses to “This Valentine Heart”

  1. Jane, I truly wanted those who do not have love in their life to know that one day there will be a match for their heart. It is important to know that.

  2. Claudia, Thank you for your comment. It was an offering and meant as a prayer. It is everyone’s heart being offered.

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