Life Everlasting





Life Everlasting


Without ears to hear, he hears.
Without eyes to see, he sees.

With heart he understands
the small musings
of this limited mind.

I can see, I say
for this is mine. . .
only with how I perceive
this limited existence.

Fair enough,
for this time,  I think,
but only for this time.
There will be other times
when it will not be enough. . . .

And then I grow
unto his splendor. . .
I will be guided
unto his doorway and
I will be led. . . .

And again, I will find
my way home.
Again, I will be led
and there will never be
a final time. . . .

It only begins, here and now
and again it will be

time to move on.

4 responses to “Life Everlasting”

  1. Maria, and it really is all okay. We were told, when you give one a drink of water, you give all a drink. Each act of compassion hastens humanity’s growth. We are accountable. Thank you for seeing this.

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