Grace To Be Trusted


Grace To Be Trusted

 It is impossible to live or continue to live with a philosophy that covers personal life and not one’s public life.  To have it cover one and not the other is asking the observer to believe one portion and to close out the other as not applicable..    The dichotomy will rear itself.   It is illogical to say that one’s philosophy applies to one aspect of one’s life and no other.  It is impossible to continue to live outside one’s root assumption.

 Hiding beneath the obligatory assumptions is the  aphorism which tells the child to do as I say and not as I do.   It is excusing oneself as the human being and expecting the children to assume divine obligations.   It is a humungous lie and ought to drive the parent,  the politician,  the teacher,  the one in power positions to one’s knees to ask forgiveness.   There is not one among the huge numbers of peoples who has not been pressed against the wall,  to demand of one’s self behavior of a higher moral order.   It is not that we know what not to do it is telling those trusting us that better behavior is expected.

 There will be times when pressures will be hard driven upon us where we know our behavior will be questionable and we will tell ourselves that for the greater good we are doing whatever we must.   How to face the child or student when questioned that hopefully in the future explanations of this nature will not stand to be looked upon as the best that the human could deliver.

 Do we expect more of our leaders, of our parent gods, or our teachers?   We do.   And we must.   We must have the perfection of individuals to push against.   We must have our goads so that we will test ourselves against what we know will be testing us at some future point.   We may be too young in chronological years to form this thought, but intuitively we know that at some point we too will be pressed to show our divine nature as opposed to our very human one.   And we will have been shown how to discipline ourselves to deserve the vote of promise that we receive.   We will have demonstrated the spinal fortitude that holds us upright and shows those who have placed their trust in us that we deserve their confidence.   Because we have chosen to fight the battle on the same ground as they have we will show

 that the Grace that upholds us all is to be trusted.

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