White Forest


White Forest

 Deep in the heart’s dream,
as deep as any forest,
lying amid the debris the ancients left
for others to peace,
lie dreams of today’s children
yielding only to their passions,
asking the chance to manifest.

Are we not today’s keepers,
charging a new reality
for the dreamer’s chance for glory?
Asking only to put to rest
today’s obstacles for impeding
the right for the dreams
to become real?

Like the forest
of yesterday’s Hansel and Gretel,
today’s passion to be found
only in the depth
of any knee deep drift
of the heart’s dream.
White forest, clean forest,
white sand and white cloud,
nothing to mar the Earth’s magic.

Come take my hand and we walk. . . .
Splendor opens the new world
where dreams are not held in abeyance.
It is our time and our world.
We clean our debris.
We do not litter nor mortgage

tomorrow’s children.




(for my grandson Joshua, whose dream lies deep within his heart)

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