The Mist That Sustains Me


On NBC Nightly News this past March 20 a segment concerning a young boy with memory of a prior life was interviewed and his memories have proven valid and correct.   I was not aware that Dr. Tucker of the University of Virginia was doing research on prior lives of children.   As he said in the brief segment,  he had over 2500 cases of lives of children with prior memories that cannot be dismissed.   We of the western world have been religious in our dismissal of anything that smacks of reincarnation other than the gods we choose to believe in.    When I wrote the short essay on Choice Goods I had no conscious knowledge of this upcoming interview.   What was my hope and is still is that we will listen to those who speak of prior lives and especially the children who are closer to their source than we who are readying for our departure.   We have much to learn and so little time.  

When I wrote this poem Rebus,  I was newly aware of my different perspective and also the difference in my inward focus.  It was almost six decades ago that I could no longer contain and pretend that what I saw and heard was what everyone else did.   I, like those like me,  have learned what society considers normal and rather than have circles made in mid air concerning our behavior,  we conform.   That we are able to survive is the miracle.   That we also have contributed to humanity and have not dismantled our immediate world is the greater one.

Rebus. . .a puzzle

Where are my images
of which you profess
came into being before I am?
Where are the faceless faces
and formless forms
of which I know not
but in my depth?

The past reveals
only what the present seals
within its depth.

We wander aimlessly searching,
faceless, formless,
only to be confronted
by what we are.

When my eyes behold my likeness,
will I rejoice?
Will the spirit be elevated
or cast into the pit?

The mist that sustains me,
sustains my images also.
But are they not made manifest
through me?

Perhaps . . .
I am the illusion.
Perhaps I will find my Self

greater than my images.


4 responses to “The Mist That Sustains Me”

  1. Yes, veronica, You are the best. This is the best writing. Glen Gould mentioned “the incorporeity of music.” Poetry has a similar leap, where philosophy exceeds all the writing skills a person can accumulate, where meaning exceeds the details of language.

  2. Suzanne, thank you for taking the time to read and to comment. Knowing there may be a one, if only one, who needs affirmation is reason enough for me to do my best.

  3. Ruth, coming from a word master, your comments mean a great deal. I appreciate the time and thought you take and I wish there was space for it all. I am glad to know that you follow my blog.

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