Look Often Into the Mist


When we look deeply into our selves, we are often surprised at the direction our thoughts have taken.   Sometimes it is a bit scary simply because it is foreign to our upbringing. It is not what we have been taught. Wondering where this will be leading us, we plow on.   For some of us there is a direction that begins when we first open our eyes on this beloved planet.   We wonder if by chance we  arrived by mistake.   But we find that once here,  by persevering we can open other eyes to what will help progress our own lives as well as others.   It is a hard road that we undertake, but in the final analysis, it is the hard road that gives us the greatest satisfaction.   So, come and we go a bit farther together.   It is another view that will keep our hearts beating and our breath humming. Come, we dance.   And it is that, a dance.

Look Often Into the Mist

Another time, another place
we sat for tea.

Come, share with me
some biscuits with our tea,
as we choose our memories
and compare our love
to what we cherish most.

How often we did just this,
holding tight to one another,
comforting our selves
with the thought
that nothing could separate us
from what we held dear.

Look often into the mist.
It holds the secrets
long denied
by the calculating mind.

Only we know for certain
we meet again and again
in that place where love
holds court.
Soon, soon, we meet. We meet.

And we begin again

4 responses to “Look Often Into the Mist”

  1. e mail from Jane M. . . .Love this Veronica…Life is a journey to be sure, and I so relate to it taking me to new thinking that I had rejected years ago…It all seems to go in phases until we reach being totally authentic and not just what we imagine ourselves to be. . . . .

  2. Jane, I had a friend who said to unbelievers not to laugh because next week they will be agreeing and shaking their head yes! That is why it is so important to hold in abeyance what you cannot affirm. It may require further study oftentimes, or simply life happening. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Maria, mist and fog convey to me that there are worlds interfacing and overlapping. When we enter the mist we disturb these worlds but sometimes are embraced by them. We then become part of their secret. All worlds become richer with thought. Thank you for commenting.

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