An Invocation

IMG_20150331_142807_196-1In Love We Pray

As we enjoin the Universal Spirit to entrust us with another spring, another resurrection,  awaken within us the desire to nurture the world that has nurtured us.   Let our hearts lead us to that place where we intuitively cherish the Earth Mother who feeds and clothes us and gives us sustenance.   Let us not forsake our responsibilities to those yet unborn, but whose futures we have already mortgaged.

Blessed Spirit,  enliven  our curiosity about our daily world,  remind us that the bird’s song needs our acknowledgement and praise,  that the sun needs our greeting and the night wishes it bid good.

As we nourish those of our commitment,  speak to us of our commitment to the home we know,  our planet Earth.   Let our love guide us to make beautiful,  to make secure and to guard diligently what has so faithfully harbored us.  In love we pray,  amen and amen.

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