A Joy And a Privilege


 A Joy And a Privilege

It will be thirty years ago this year that a computer was put on my desk.   And it was three weeks later that I approached it knowing I needed to learn how to use it. Up to that time I looked at it everyday and understood that it was here to stay.   So the love affair between us began.   I, one day put a verse on my desktop to look at every day as a reminder.   Much to my surprise, another day I found a second verse attached to the first.   It was by our son of the pen that writes.   So I put it here for those who wish the complete thought.   I look at it often and am reminded that we bring purpose and meaning to every inch of life.   And without them, life would not be. And neither would we Be. In retrospect,   the tragedy for me would have been not to have had what was destined for me,   the joy as well as the heartache.

If you do not intend to look back
it is best to remember
to lift the plough.

But sometimes the plough
seems too heavy to lift
but we push on anyway
to find it is a joy and a privilege.

Photo by Kathy Qualiana

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