Approaching Earth Day (April 22, 2015)

IMG_20140923_204332_578To Honor Our Earth Mother

Teachers and Students Speak With One Voice. . . There are guidelines set since time immemorial for human conduct.   These are irrefutable.   Such as to be kind to one another.   To love one another,  to do unto others, etc.   These are not premises of a general nature but with a purpose designed for respecting the individual.   The human.   We encourage those.   We would encourage also kindness to the beasts of nature and to the earthly world where nature has a fist raised that might momentarily come down on unsuspecting heads.  As humans we do not abuse the Earth.   We do not abuse what was designed to give us life,  sustain it and bury us with dignity.   We are here as humans designed by whatever god we cherish in our memories to give us a chance to perfect who it is we are.

Man has evolved to the place where consideration for the natural world must take precedence over his comforts.  Too many have flooded the gateway to Earth and have purposely denigrated it.  Abused it beyond recognition.   All in the name of selfishness,  all in the name of progress.   To plow over wetlands that sustain the brush that allows the air to clarify, to whip rain forests to ground level and to kill wildlife that prolong the ongoing force of life has been a sin and an embarrassment.  To have warfare declared on each other as a means of self aggrandizement, to allow man to continue warring with himself as well as his commitments has been a thrust into the face of his god of whatever creed.

And in the heart of the thinking man.   We recommend only that the clearest tenets be set down as education for the growing child to become as second nature.   That not only should kindnesses be primary to them but also to all facets of nature,  from the glass of water to the earthworms that fragrant the soil to the tissue they must dispose in proper receptacles.   Every aspect of life,  every aspect of guarding this planet,  from the waking moment to the goodnight must be done with a respect for this home  called Earth. 

Water your plants, tend your gardens and stay your commitments.   All valuable tenets for saving our planet.   This is what we are here for.  We must not allow the playthings to become competition for a needful concern we must have for our Earth home.  Unless the present newborns are taught blessed and wondrous things about their planet,  their new home,  they might well be that final generation to enjoy this best of all classrooms.   It is time.   Every generation that comes into the physical world expecting the playthings of physical life to be the soul and sole  purpose rapes the Earth in a manner unbelievable.  And those who say that the  Earth will repair itself and god will take care of careless humans don’t know what it is they teach.   They are the ones who will be held accountable.   God is not always merciful.   It is an angry Cosmos that has the power to strike at the core and hit home.   It is a beautiful planet.   It is home to the heart that sees within its square inch of soil the history of the world.

Love it and leave it better than the last one did.   This is an imperative.

Art by Claudia Hallissey

2 responses to “Approaching Earth Day (April 22, 2015)”

  1. If ever there was a subject near and dear to me, it is the loving of our Mother Earth and the preservation of her offerings of miracles and beauty.

    I can’t number the tears I’ve shed over our crimes and cruelties against her, nor am I able to throw off the anger that has developed toward the abusers. We have turned our blind-side to these atrocities for over forty years, when “Silent Spring” was published. Had we heeded the messages back then, we’d be well on our way to keeping our ‘home’ safe and intact. I fear we may be too late.

    I pray for our little blue planet everyday. I send her blessings and ask for her forgiveness. Breaks my heart.

  2. e mail from Jane, What a lovely piece. You have the big picture when most have the smaller version. I cannot get over the fluidity of your words. You have a real gift and I so appreciate the fact that you share it!

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