Earth’s Prayer and Benediction



We Are Earth’s Prayer And Benediction

Over the years I have asked us all to fall in love with our Earth.   Obviously it must have been easy for me because I am still in love with her even though I am ending my earth cycle.  I described it as a oneness,  a union nothing dissolves nor cracks.   It is the steadiness,  the compliance of all things in Nature that yield to a bidding when it is done with love.

I first wrote I loved working in the yard and having life take on its noble form.   I loved the coming alive,  the rebirthing and the response of the Earth beneath my hands.   It was my love and my pleasure.   The rich, black, early nostalgic smell takes me back to a someplace where I fell in love with it and the first love is always a first love.

It is a place where the heart knows its completeness in and with the laws of Nature.  We are one and the same.   We become its answer and its prayer,  its meditation and its question,  its benediction.  I become what the seeker chooses to establish when all else fails to come to fruition.   When there is nothing that satisfies the hunger within,  there is always hope and response in the garden.

It is a communion with its holiness and puts all else to shame because it never measures up.   Relationships may wither and disillusion, but Nature does not.   It gives from an unending source, reaching into its carpetbag and bringing forth bits of revelation and reconciliations to give one another reason for trying.   She lets us know we are stewards and as stewards we have a responsibility,

The Earth will cherish the soul who cherishes the Earth and Nature will revere the one who reveres Nature.   When knowledge is ours,  when we know who it is we are as we walk this planet,  doubt will no longer allow ignorance to rule.   It is time for us to protect and attend to this most beautiful of all places.   Conscience will deem a return to rectify errors.   And there may very well be ash on our boots the next time and memory may well crucify us.

Prayer For Earth and Us

In all things good,
we ask that a light so shine
that the good works that are ours,
glorify and exemplify
all that is true and divine
both within us and within this Earth.

We ask divine guidance be placed
upon our heads and within our hearts,
that we may bring to light
all that we have been taught;
that we protect our land, our Earth Mother
and teach the children that we care for
what gives life to all on this planet.

We ask in all names
that signify blessedness of life
and the glory which is both divine and human.

We ask, please receive.   Amen

Art by Claudia Hallissey

4 Responses to Earth’s Prayer and Benediction

  1. Veronica Hallissey April 21, 2015 at 5:49 pm #

    email from George Arrick . . . .It seems that the following lines from “Macbeth” are sadly applicable today.
    ‘Thou seest the Heavens as troubled with man’s act,
    Threaten his bloody stage.’

    I think humanity has totally screwed up Nature and we will suffer the consequences.

  2. Veronica Hallissey April 21, 2015 at 8:36 pm #

    e mail from Jane Mc. . . . .Your Earth Day Celebration is wonderful. Truly we need to care for our earth and nurture it. It is the greatest of our treasures!

  3. Claudia April 22, 2015 at 2:57 pm #

    You are the Earth Mother!

  4. Veronica Hallissey April 29, 2015 at 5:41 pm #

    Claudia, I embrace the title! Thank you for the honor.

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