An Ordinary Person


For at least the last half century I have been involved in what would be called a study program.  My intent and intensity was brought about by my need to know.  I wanted answers to my why’s.  When what I was taught,  what I learned and read and what I even invented did not work, I needed to know why everything was so very wrong.  It was of no matter that my yearnings were not for this world because here was where I was.   Because here is where I am.  My ordinary life began with my books and when my household in my part of the world slept I was working the books.  I pursued what I did not know but what I did know was that I could not continue in a world where I was so wrong.  Books were my companions and continue to be, but a mental tsunami opened a heaven of teachers whose thought matched and sought out mine.  The cosmic experience is a real one and does happen as it has throughout human history.  The science doctors have had their  day telling us all that only what we touch and see is real.   There is an inner life even more real at times and sometimes presents as many obstacles as our so called reality.   There have been writers who say that all the words are right up there and all you have to do is reach for them.   I did not know about this then but I  pursued because I needed words that had  to fit the highest and best I had in MIND.    I want to say to my loyal readers that when I am given praise for having the right words to say,  I do  because my heart is in tandem with my God Within.  When the New Testament reads that if someone says there he is when speaking of the second coming,  do not believe them,   it speaks true.  For the God Within is already ensconced  waiting to be acknowledged.

The fear of embarrassment in my generation has been difficult to overcome.  My intent and my intensity were my calling cards for what has happened in my life.  Upon reading my manuscript called Cactus Jesus and The New Wine an English professor called me an anarchist and his anger was manifest.  I went home and researched anarchist.  One who overthrows.  I was overthrowing exactly what.   The professor said he had never read work like mine.  He said other writers lifted man up.   But what did I do?  I brought the heavens and my god down to where I was.  Imagine that!    He said no one had ever done that!   I do so with my God’s Grace.   So when you read my poetry,  my work, know it has taken  a lot of footwork to get here, over a half century of footwork.  It has been an extraordinary experience,  and perhaps my gift to my readers is one of hope.   The heavens listened to me, an ordinary person  and though not able to spare me heartbreak,  still gave to me acknowledgement of our kinship.   And that has been a priceless gift.  It truly is the pearl of great price.

(this particular journal entry spoke on what I have just written above.  I had to learn that all time is simultaneous and one of the premises of quantum physics.  It was written,  note the date,  April 21, 1993.  It was little more than 2 weeks before I went into cardiac arrest.  Events then were not too different than today.)

The Teachers Speak. . . . . For within each is a core of values built on centuries of discernment.  Why does it not seem feasible to the populace that muses sing, whether a song or an elegy?  Why not a sordid novel as well as a philosophy of order and dedication?  Are we not to suppose that the earth reflects heaven and heaven earth?  What exactly did the Jesus mean when he said as on earth so in heaven?

It seems there is a volcano erupting somewhere on the earth every minute of the day in the form of psyches going on the rampage.   Why then do we not suppose the muses sing to the poet, as visions are envisioned by the artist ?  That too,  those who carry out diabolical and life threatening edicts are also a product what for centuries has been within the universe?  And in them as souls on a path?  It would seem then that the purpose of education would be to increase the caliber of education of the children to one of high motivational purposes rather than rehabilitation  after the fact.  And remember that unless the lessons are learned on Earth,  before reentry again into a somewhere and a sometime there will be little accumulation of knowledge tantamount to giving life instead of taking it.

There are as  many ways to interpret the Bible as there are people who read it and as many ways to apply what one reads as the mind is able to accommodate.   All within the frame of reference.

 Jesus said  that to follow him was to adopt the precepts such as love one another, etc.   We have Buddha and Allah all preaching the search.   And the search is Within.  None teach violence.  Violence begets violence.   But when the student is ready the teacher appears.  One does not become angelic overnight.   It is a process.   A process.

And so we tend to those who are crippled and handicapped but in whom the desire to do what is of value appears.   They understand a something and the desire is so great that the heavens respond.  It would seem that those who are richly endowed with good health would be able to carry the messages further and with more intent.   Such is not the case.   Those who are generously given good health seldom sense or have the need to pursue the inner world further.   With them it is obvious that with more power bestowed they would find the going not only easier but more self satisfying.  Those who sense the need for a richer inner world have challenges that speak to the soul.   And these we handle not only with tender mercies but also with gratitude.   In them we know the words will not give them power to enhance themselves,  but give to the ordinary people hope that there is a something more to life and a heaven,  who would, if possible, grant their wishes.

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  1. Ah, Veronica…..each day of your writings makes me wish I had grown up with you as my close friend, for our inner seekings are so similar. It would have been nice to have someone who understood what I was trying to convey from my heart-soul, instead of being told I was blaspheming.

    Well, never mind. I’ve become secure in my own right as the years have passed, and finding you has allowed me to exhale. Thank you, as always.

  2. e mail from Jane. . . .Dear Veronica, you have written it well. . . .the search and the finding of the spirits that are within and without. . . .the search for meaning and allowing the deeper to grow. . I so relate to this yearning

  3. Oft alone and without support in this world, you were always surrounded by the teachers, the sages, the guides of the universes. The hours, the struggles, the tears shed in questioning, learning makes the gift of your sharing the acquired knowledge beyond value. Thank you for your words. We, our minds, are forced into expansion.

  4. With the thought that all time is simultaneous the selection of verb tense gets confusing so I’ll just say: I have am will from you much learn.

  5. Suzanne, I long learned the placement of similar souls would hamper growth. It is by forcing one to center in that forces accommodation of different thought. There will be rejoicing. . . . but for right now thank you for affirming my differences. I like knowing you.

  6. John, thank you for being our friend. And thank you for affirming what you ardently embraced. You supported when support was crucial. I thank you again.

  7. John, re confusing verbs. . .I off the boat just got. . . and we ARE, I AM before Abraham WAS. I love simultaneous times!

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