Pieces Of The Rock


Pieces Of The Rock

Nowadays we nicely say that one is in denial when what one is too embarrassed to own.   We say it never happened.  An elder always quoted her favorite saying as an absolute.   You can always catch a thief she said but you can never catch a liar.  Jesus said all ye are liars!   Today though, we know that these are psychologically damaged people with strong coping mechanisms  carved out for survival.

But as our knowledge grows and we have a broader base of understanding,  we must not be quite so quick to label people.   When we have memories that have no putting place and we have youngers who speak of other lives with exacting details,  until we have further knowledge and understanding,  we must withhold judgment.  When we can truthfully say that what we knew yesterday is not our knowledge today because our perspective today is different,   we must grant the other the same growth.

And who made the person fear so greatly that changing the story was the only way to survive?  It seems for whatever reasons, we are all damaged goods in some way, are we not?

Who I Am Not

Do not try to
pigeonhole me,
nor typecast me,
nor make a caricature of me.

For just when you think
you have the feel of me,
just when you think
you have grasped the essence
of just who I am,
I will steal away.

I will vanish
never more to be
who you think I am.
That is the way it is.
For at the precise moment
when you say. . . .

I know her,
I will not be.
I will have become someone else,

just yesterday.


2 responses to “Pieces Of The Rock”

  1. And each moment in time slips past so fast.
    Too fast to be captured, savored or repeated as it was first perceived.
    Each witness sees it differently and wonders how the others
    can be so wrong. Were they not standing side by side?

  2. John, and the more vehement the words shouted, or more quietly doubt spoken, both should be looked at closely, for both have carved out their coping mechanisms and stand by them but in opposite manners. Thank you for commenting.

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