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Can We Change Who We Are  Part I

(The doctor looked at his middle aged patient and said you know,  there was a time when an old friend would know your despair and arrive at your home with a good bottle of wine and say let’s go out in the yard and talk.  And the two of you with a carton of cigarettes would sit in the dark and talk not once,  but many times, about the heart’s utterings.  And both of you would benefit and your families would know that this is what old friends do for each other.  Modern times have me writing prescriptions for what was once done for the heart of man by his friends.   I cannot say we have  progressed.  A true physician would heal the soul of man and I,  here,  doctor the symptoms.)

It surprises me that people do not wonder why they do what they do.  It holds no wonder for them but obviously they feel helpless.  I suspect  genetic memory holds us all and though material things and times differ,  basically we are what we are.  In another era we played the same games, sang the same songs.  For some it is all right but I find it difficult.  I think we play the game with a loaded die.

There are those who know this.  This classroom and lesson plans are written as we grow and when we reach graduation we leave.  Here for however long; illness and chance having their say and genes determining our stay.  So we are told we are right for this time and place or guys,  you have a lot yet to learn for this here place!  So we keep trying.

I was reading about cell consciousness and how a person or species borrows a future and prepares the DNA to be rewritten in preparation for that future.  And how the entire human body is apprehending one’s environment all the time, literally feeding to the brain what it needs to see.   It is something I have learned with this body of mine.  How it already knows what is happening long before my brain gets the message.  The reaction is visceral  before thought reaches consciousness and informs after the fact.  It is ridiculous to be in the throes of emotion and to identify the problem before conscious thought arises.  Strange also that the science gods say that the mind will control the body.  When for some it is the other way around.  Not everyone is born with filters intact for this earth needing only five senses.  Some of us become earth’s emotional pit stop.

It is not that  mind cannot do it because it can.  But not before there is a determination within the person, within the physical self to begin a change in one’s belief system.  Long before this is a conscious thought there is a germinating idea  that things are not sitting well within.  This can occur because of reading, through dreams, meditation or talk and thought but on a gut level.  When it is lifted to conscious thought and takes root,  changes will be made.

This is when deep friendships are crucial.  These days leave little time for friendships to be nurtured.  Driven within will bring to fore a compliance on a level that will give birth to a sustenance of a new kind.  Stay the ground and there will be a way that the road not heavily traveled will open for the journeyer.   It is worth the travail.  It is giving birth to a new you and staying the route will open a new world.

photo by John Holmes

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  1. e mail from Jane . . . I do remember ‘coffee clutching days” and truly I had less need of a doctor then and you are right, there is little time for friendship now.. . . . .

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