More Rock. . . Part II


It Is Called The Hero’s Journey   Part II

The Teachers Speak. . .   Once you know that a change is being made, then you will find things pertaining to that change bearing down upon you.  You will find subtle changes in your attitude.  In even what you consider priorities for the day.  And when this happens,  welcome these changes.  For they are with you for a reason.   They are a preparation for what is to come.

And that preparation for what is to come may be better than what it is you now enjoy.  It will be for a greater purpose and perhaps the prime purpose for your life.   And it need not necessarily mean the end of your life where you are.   A subtle change, a needed change.  A new vision, a new exploration.   So do not anticipate your own demise.  It will be the rebirth of who you are.

You are being asked to take part in what is sometimes called the hero’s journey.  Not many people even know of it.  It cannot be seen,  or eaten, or worn,  or even bragged about owning or even sport around in it.  What is its value?  It happens inside of you and you will know and be known.  It is the pearl of great price and with it come the keys.  But it is a life’s affair with the unknown.

It might make you sad and even thoughtful and compassionate.  Sometimes angry and irritable.  Impatient with yourself as well as others.   Goodtime people will not want you around but you will be sought for in times of heartbreak.  Your mind will never be empty and should you persist long enough to find your thoughts answered,  you will never be lonely again.  You will find invisible friends and your life will be cleaned up to a fare thee well.

The quality of life becomes apparent.  Deep would be the word to most nearly describe the journey.  Deep in all directions;  down, laterally, skyward, vertically.  And deeply penetrating in all directions.  Life will reach beneath your feet, beyond your arms and literally the top of one’s head will be lifted, uniting the mind with the greater mind.  It leaves one in a body with no skin to limit but melds one with the beating air that at once insulates and protects and leaves one vulnerable.

One lives one’s life while making a living.  Raise one’s children to the joys of this world even when one cannot see these joys yet.  One does not dismantle another’s world while trying to rebuild one’s own.  St.  Paul  took a year off after his cosmic experience on the road to Damascus.  His followers tended him.  We would call them groupies today and one would be a celebrity to have them.  For the majority of us who make the journey it is a solitary one.   Is it worth it?

To dislodge the fear that grips the heart and to walk in peace that surpasses understanding,  what can the world grant to match these gifts?   What  can touch the soul of me who walks beneath the wings of the Great God?  I know that I know.  For this world and time,  I am on my knees.


photo by John Holmes

2 responses to “More Rock. . . Part II”

  1. Veronica, I’m going to have to learn another language to find new words to use to tell you how every single post of yours carries a message I can relate to in a deep, deep way. You have become my behind-the-scenes personal mentor. The directions your writings send me in are gifts every time.

  2. Suzanne, At this juncture, I am glad I took the road I did simply for the Grace bestowed, but words such as yours are an added blessing. Thank you for sharing your direction. Words such as yours give others courage.

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