What Will You Do?


After reading more  on quantum physics and  the holographic universe,  coming forth are poems from the past,  my linear past, that are in conjunction with work of mine done recently.   I was not prone to think in times simultaneous,  but by having dated my written work,  there is an alliance with both prose and poetry.   I am constantly surprised when a phrase or word seems familiar and going into my files to find work that coincides but also verifies other detailed work .   This road I’ve traveled has not had only direction but  I realize,  great support.  The philosophy I honed needed to work  for me ,  but  heaven needed to see it sustain me in what has been a full  life.    I offer the second  poem now;  one posted three days ago and this latest written in 2013.  

What Will You Do?

What will you do
without your lamentations
and crosses to carry?  I was asked.

What will you do
when you find yourself
closer to the truth
than what you care to know?

This world was made, you say,
for children and I say,
so many toys
they will be forever amused
and want to return to this
Disneyland of the Universe.

But for the children
we keep the teachers busy
and place guilt in proper containers
to have them stick close like glue.

These teachers have scraped the code
from the mooring and
find themselves behind a rock;
knowing the only way to clean up history
is to crack the code.

Which of their students will do it?

August, 2013


photo by John Holmes

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