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Because their responses to the question of who to take with you to answer your puzzling questions on this hero’s journey were succinct and well thought out,  both Lois and Mark will have the chance to name their choice of rewards .  So when they  e mail me with their choices, I will be happy to get them into the mail as soon as possible.

As I have been told many times,  because I give thought to these kinds of questions,  it does not mean the rest of the world does.   There had always been a running argument with a very dear departed friend that this world was not to be taken personally.  Life was simply to be gotten through the best means possible and  enjoyed as much as one can.   I did not see the purpose of life not being taken personally.  How does one do that I often asked.  Simply,  I was told,  one just allows the unanswerable to run like water off a duck’s back.

It never worked that way with me.  Not even as a child.  Words held meaning for me and I cringed in my young heart when I heard arguing between my brothers,  my favorite people.   I was always aware that arms would swing and someone would be hurt.   When feelings were thrown out into the air to be caught by someone with ill intent,  I knew trouble resulted.  How was one supposed to react to life on this Earth when emotions were the coin of the day?  One had to deal with them and one had to react to make peace.

Her argument always was that you let these things pass and they are soon forgotten.   It did not work that way for me.  I knew when arguments brewed that the past was always brought up to sting again.   So how to make this journey through life,  this hero’s journey,  to understand the so called slings and arrows,  the ancestor’s anguish,  the wars that make dust of yesterday’s masterpieces?   You take someone with you whom you honor and cherish and whose life you would like to mirror.   Then you pull every thought and action through your heart to see your response to be as more nearly like your hero’s.   After much practice you find that your response will be one of  ‘judge not’ and you do the life giving thing.  Because its opposite would be life taking.   It will be a divine response to life because that is the shining Spirit within each of  us.   What we do for one, we do for all.   It is called Evolution.

It is a way to make a difference.


art by Claudia Hallissey

3 responses to “Thoughtful Responses”

  1. My comment went flying off before I was finished…. Your earnest belief in all of our need to be responsible and responsive persons on the planet we all share, is an important idea. We admire you and appreciate the thoughts that you express. Perhaps, the notion that we would all have an idea of a singular hero person or a mentor/teacher whom we could call to the front of our brains….was so logical and real to you….that it never occurred to you that we couldn’t, that we might not be thinking that way. Well, to be fair, I can’t…. I look to my God as that person and then strive to emulate Him, best I can. So, I’m not thinking about other folk who might teach me that same way. Never doubt your authenticity, tho, or the teaching you provide….on a regular basis! Thank you, Veronica!

  2. Pat, when I first posed the question I asked for your Highest and Best in your thoughts, in your life. Someone studied or held sacred. When I put in the photos to extend the days I asked who in your history, fraternal, cultural or religious you most wanted to be like. With what words I have at my disposal, I framed as broad a canvas as I could. This is the problem with words and meaning. I always wondered where Dante was a Roman, why he chose Virgil . Other than the given reasons, nowhere else hints at any other possibility. Pat, I thought I opened the question to include everyone’s Highest and Best. I would have welcomed your questions but I am glad for your comment. We ask much of our language. I am surprised families emerge out of homes intact.

  3. Your words framing the request for a ‘guide person’ were absolutely broad enough to include all sorts/backgrounds, etc. My inability to choose that person from my life experiences, was not due to any poorly chosen words of yours. I couldn’t think of one person. I like/admire/honor many folks; I couldn’t choose. Some of them are: Eleanor Roosevelt, Henry David Thoreau, Pope Francis, Sacajawea, Robert Frost, Saint Francis, my mother…
    Not one person encapsulated all that a person might need or want on a journey.
    But each of those souls would be lovely to talk to and I surely could learn from each. I did not, in any way, mean to demean your suggestion. I thought much, but ultimately was at a loss. I do appreciate, very much, your words, your thoughts….

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