Dreamed Into Being


His hand came down on the table with a thump!  If anyone can create a world, he said, you can!  I knew nothing about world creation but this Philosopher-Lawyer son of ours who gifted me with his conversation hours into years as he returned home for treatment of his health issue,  led me to new thought.  He said I know you never had the time for the Great Books and yet I see you evolving right before my eyes!  Who are your Teachers, he queried?   I have had good ones, I said.  And then I found later when he left our Earth,  a Robert Nozick (from his book The Examined Life ) who postulated that we might be apprentices in the creation business.  And in further reading,  on a level we are not conscious of,  we work the work that puts us directly in line for world creation.   It is a way,  and not the only way,  to explain the numbers of planets circling our home base.

In reviewing the acts of my days,  and being the parent on premise for three sons,  it has been a life of creative being.  Learning was great fun and in everything was a  lesson.   Upon the arrival of the painting which is  now mine from our in law artist daughter,  I was this mother of sons who lived in the fields and the woods and together we helped butterflies sing.   It is a world of creational alliances,  some of which I know  we cannot be proud.  But upon living the examined life, it becomes one of determined partnership with what we hold to be sacred to become lives cherished.


Dreamed Into Being

I love this Earth Planet, she said,
it is a place
of verdant lands
and high thoughts.

It is a place
where images send
these thoughts aloft and
tie me to that place of love.

We walked it many times
of course, she said,
but now the choice
is mine again. . . .

How to stay and finish
a work the Master said
was always needed even
by one such as me?

I hold the only authority
that counts.
No letters can give me
what is already mine.

I claimed it
on the day I said I Am
and chose to Be. . . . .
Simple as that and as hard.

I finish my work
and then go home,
to the ‘old country’
which  holds for me, she said,

all  that I cherish.
It is a dream I dreamed
and called into Being. . . .

for that is how new worlds are born.


Painting by Claudia Hallissey


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