With a Singular Voice, We Pray





With a Singular Voice, We Pray,

Grant me peace,  O’ Lord God,
to this house I live in and carry
with me to the end of my days.
Let me see the beauty
in everything and everyone.
Help me to understand
what is mine and what is not.
And understand that what I consider
to be highest and best
in my heart and mind is truly so,
without meanness or bitterness.
Let my fellows know of my intent
to be kind and to give them
understanding of the highest order.
Help me to frame that what
has been a Given from a generous heart,
I give back the same.

And let this Earth know without doubt
that when word is given, we march
to what it is our hearts require.
Help us to keep our hearts ready.

Lead me gently, Spirit,
to what is mine and allow
all things that are good,
all things that are God.

Amen and amen.

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