There Is Unfinished Work Everywhere


There Is Unfinished Work Everywhere.

There are some things I simply cannot go back to. As I read past journals,  I do a lot of delving  to see what I skipped over and what I did not integrate.   I  then see what direction I must take.   There are some things I cannot go back to.   I cannot go back to thinking that we are not safe and I cannot go back to thinking there is no place for certain that we go to.  And if there would be nothing, I would create a world to go to or a something before I would allow a nothing.   And I would find my match somewhere.  Why?  Simple reason.   If mushrooms come back time after time and a daffodil, why not me?   I am unfinished.  I have not reached my full potential.  We give a cat nine lives but expect a human to reach perfection in just one?  There are many worlds in this Universe and I think that human beings are worth as many chances as necessary. Some of those chances won’t be  pretty for the ne’er do well,  but we are redeemable.

I was told there is unfinished work everywhere.    Some years ago when a friend and I were taking classes in Religion and sitting in the hallway waiting for the present class to disband,  I looked up at the wall across the corridor and saw a painting.  What I was seeing made me sick to my stomach.  My friend turned to say something and asked hurriedly,  are you all right, you look sick?  I pointed to the painting.  I have been there and I know that place, I said.   She looked and thought it plain but to me it spoke .   I have tried to show in the wall quilt what I remember.

It was a desolate landscape.   There were ice mountains in the background.  There was a building,  more barracks like  with  no thing,  nothing around it.   The moon was white and things were outlined but barely so.   Sparse would be putting it gently, but desolate and bare of life would say how tragic it felt.  I could not say what world.  But unfinished work it is.

There comes to mind a commonly held thought that when we transit it is always to a better place.  But what if it isn’t?  What if we find ourselves  doing the work of mules in places that need our talents in  very practical ways?  Would we not answer the call to help in the vineyards  with things of value that moth and rust do not destroy;  things of the mind?   Most people seem to think that we are at a loss as to how things happen but  Jesus said, as above, so below when he stood on the rock.   Life on Earth is the reflection of Heaven and we the reflection of what we hold as truth..  Are we not all unfinished work?

There is unfinished work everywhere.   I cannot go back ever to not knowing.   There are worlds needing what we hold as valuable, what we can only take in Mind.  We may look like mushrooms but our hearts are daffodils.    It is a good thing to keep in mind.

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  1. Yes, there is always unfinished work to do. Unfinished Love is what I am thinking: I do not love enough or fully or generously or tolerantly or forgivingly or persistently or consistently. Unfinished love: keep at it; keep at it. I am afraid if I put down my deeply suffering burdens of love, that something bad will happen to a loved one. I used to feel like Atlas with the whole world on my shoulders. I used to feel I could not put the weight down, not ever, not even when I die.

  2. e mail from Jane. . .Very interesting Veronica..I shall give it more thought…I do believe that our heaven will reflect our life…sometimes that feels very full to me and other times starkly bare……I think myself with only one life but might be very excited to learn that I get more than one chance…You do stretch my brain….thank you, my friend!

  3. Ruth, there came a time for me when I knew something was not mine to do. I think that time comes to all of us and it is with relief that I found it to be so. Thank you for commenting .

  4. Jane, as I said, I like to enlarge the premises. Thank you inserting a maybe into your thoughts!

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