Our moments were tender,
those moments over coffee
and whatever cheese Danish
I could find. . . .

We loved those times,
free wheeling we said,
as if cares of the day
had faded from our lives. . . .

No need ever to apologize
for  moments stolen
from life’s busy encounters.
They were the most important.

They cemented our past
into a foundation
our beloveds counted on
to build their futures. . .

To have run away would have
left orphans in our wake.
We laughed and reveled in the little time
as we pretended no ties other than
when we had our last coffee

and knew our let’s pretend was. . . .pretend.



Painting by Claudia Hallissey

2 responses to “Moments”

  1. e mail from Jane. . .Dear Veronica….I love this…the great escape from all the responsibilities that make life meaningful, and freedom takes on a new meaning…even though it is short-lived and brief…only “moments” as you say

  2. Jane, and how crucial those moments are not only to our growth but also to those who need to know us as their tower to lean against. Your perspective is appreciated.

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