A Need


A Need

I possess a knowledge,
supplanting the previous knowledge
by just one day.

The reason is this; I slept.
And in the dream saw worlds,
whole and hurt, clean and chaotic,
built and leveled.

And I saw fields
with high grasses and skies
not yielding to horizons
and I walked

I walked so far and then
walked some more.
There was a companion and
we talked, of worlds to be born,
of worlds to be healed,
of lessons still to be learned.

And then I walked alone.

But when I needed
to walk my fields,
for they were mine and
because I am landlord,
I went to them and found peace.

It is said that the fields
are not real,  that they are
in my head.
I am also told that many
do not understand my need
to walk the fields.

But many do not understand
why when I awaken

my legs ache.

photo by Kathy Qualiana



2 responses to “A Need”

  1. You walk the fields,
    Travel the worlds,
    Write the poems.

    We read.
    We wonder.
    Are our dreams real?

    At night we go to sleep tired,
    In the morning we awake exhausted.
    We question not ‘where are we?’ but

    ‘where have we been?’

    Veronica, you are a guide leading us toward the mysteries of ‘what’s next?’ Well done. Lead on.

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