Different Can Be Good

Different Can Be Good

It was a hurried morning when our two oldest sons were home from college and I told them that I had had a vivid dream and wrote down some things while half asleep that I did not know about and thought that they might.  I showed them the notes.

I knew nothing about Michelangelo other than he was a great painter of the Sistine Chapel  but I had written down some dates and what I now would call maxims.   They were that the past is still happening,  the future has already happened and we in the present are racing to catch up with it.  The dates for Michelangelo we checked out with the Encyclopedia Britannica and they were accurate.  The maxims I find now  would be found in quantum physics.   It has only been this year when reading the Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot  I realized I have lived my entire life with the realities of a quantum universe.  In this regard, these maxims were crux for me  of ‘all time is simultaneous.’  If you find it difficult to grasp,  think how hard for the child to live it.

The child who comes into the world with differences,  sees other worlds and hears other music.  This may also be the child who frets about going to school because another stomach ache is troublesome.  And they are ashamed.   There may be no tests to be taken,  but this child is laboring under conditions that would be labeled abusive if the facts were known.  Because she or he sees differently and hears a world most do not,  the conditions under which they must function are difficult at best.  They respond to incidents in a life and death manner.  Those who have toughed it out call this ‘drama’ but it is for real for those who have not been able to close off their heads.  These are the sensitive souls who end up with panic as a companion and parents who call them unforgivable names. These children are doing their utmost to focus on what is the primary world to them.  And trying to hold at bay the intrusions of other dimensions.  This is not easy to read and is difficult for me to write.  But the children are my primary worry.  We have seen too many incidents of violence.  It is not easy for these children.  They are at risk every minute.

Should there be such a child in your circle,  give to them the support that they deserve and need. And allow them to talk.  They may frighten you and threaten your insecure security but they will broaden your frame of reference.   It is a hard world for the normal child as it is.  And the ones who come into this world with heads more open than the average child, need a stable support system.    They will be the ones who will yet save our planet.  And us.

A Calmness Pervades

A calmness pervades
the thinking mind,
unable yet to stay the pen.

We write of lifelong trials
stealing the innocent
of rightful claims.

The open head knew not how
not to allow the ring
to burn its signet
deeply onto the heart.

The belly knew not how
not to become
the emotional pit stop
for all the world’s ills.

All in all, the calmness
hails the thinking mind
and gives credence
that heaven notes its own

and knows when to call them home.


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