Intensity Of Purpose

20151006_081213Intensity of Purpose

One of the first unhappy side effects of the medications taken for my cardiac problem was that it took away my morning exuberance that had me thrusting my feet to the floor all the days of my life till then.  (yes,  I am grateful they have kept me breathing!)  But without my inner motivation it was difficult to find the world I was in love with.

It is the intensity of purpose within, which gave me the desire to manifest, to make real the ideas I gave birth to.  This is the way of all of us; the inner motivation that demands expression.  It is by far the most desirable of gifts, inspiration.  It allows us to delve into the many mysteries of life and bring light to them.  When quantum theories talk of time being simultaneous, all of a piece, it is telling us that nothing is lost in this world or any world, but is enfolded into the implicit core of experience, of values waiting for the ones with desire, inner motivation, to create.

Many time we discover ways to explain experience or explain past events only to realize we are creating new ways to explain with accumulated knowledge, these events.  Inspiration comes from within. . . in-spirit,  ours.  It is time for all of us to follow our wonder, to where we will enhance life.  And to encourage our children to make space for this wonder to be joyfully used and guarded well.

It is the divine in us seeking a voice.

(Excerpt from A Pearl Of Great Price)

I gather my roses, split upon a fence rail,
blooming profusely.  In bunches
I gather them, first one, then another,
an armful and they are mine.
Thorns do not a rose make,
but intensity of purpose yields the bud.

Many roads lead to the place of many rooms.
The roads are diverse and
great the number of rooms.
But so you were told.
The rooms reflect the sun of many days,
and the nights of many moons,
the heart’s intent and the mind’s purpose.
You live in them now.

Do not try to delineate the rooms
with structural perimeters.
They move and breathe and are created
and recreated moment by moment.
Their reality is your creation.
Their occupancy will be determined
by your intent.



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