We Are The Reflection. . . .


We  Are The Reflection . . . .

of what we worship.  We may not think in those terms,  but our actions reflect what we think to be highest and best within us.  For some seem to  have come a long way and they mean to go even further.  And push to extremes the psyche of man to the point where he will indeed proceed with the amelioration of his acts that only serve to propound the problems of the children, his children.  And we take them and give them a what for and say get on with it.  Stop taking your heritage as god given and sacred when your eyes tell you that problems will result that will only continue through the ages.

That within their crusty skins is the divine.  That within all that they are for this moment in their thinking is all that there is.  And if they demand more, then they make more.  For the god who shines in them is the reflection of what and who it is they worship.  And if they are not pleased with what they present, then they better get on with it.

Defeating?  What are now the options?  For centuries man has worshipped a god outside himself and it would not require a first rate intelligence to see what the morning papers blare out every day.  This is the god man worships and it would dismay them to think that they represent their god?  What is it about themselves that they do not like?  Is this all there  is or am I all there is?  Yes, pure and simple because until the understanding is broadened until the larger perspective is gained that encompasses all others,  this is all there is and they will be right back in the stew pot and not scot free for eternity.

What is there about themselves that shames them?  Time to clean up then, isn’t it?   Time now for a housecleaning with confessions and restorations to be done wholesale.  There is no time for mousing about.  We have babies with memories.  And the ability to see what is in the hearts of men.  And adults are now on the defensive.  And should be.

The larger, broader perspective deserves its time.  The grandfather image in the sky, outside of man, no longer serves.  We have listened to the laments for too long and our hearts also cringe when the prayers reach the hilt with the wailing.  These are souls in travail, having given birth and now reap the whirlwind. They feel abandoned and frightened.  That they were to assume accountability did not cross their minds.  That to simply get through life was not all that was required.  But to add to the physical dimension somehow escaped them.  Failure falls on all of our heads.  And ‘not knowing’ is no longer a tenable tenet.  The wail will not be heard but the mistakes will be picked up by those whose names are on them.

Simply traversing the schism separating man from his heaven does not necessarily bring enlightenment.  The process of housecleaning is painful and our nursing homes  are proof that this knowledge is innate and to be avoided at all costs.  What was not done while the doing could be remedial must be done at some time with the added burden of physical infirmity.  The shift to childishness is premeditated, thinking that avoidance would be whole scale.  The  god of their childhood would welcome them in their childish state.

What is not understood is this childlike faith, the utter knowledge of the child who enters the world complete with his memories  weaves his destiny through all worlds until the desire to focus comes.  Then decisions are made and oftentimes because of survival.   But if survival is the main ingredient of life, the options to learn are presented in all things.  The choice not to learn is a conscious choice, chosen because of ease.  Inserted within each life is the prime time for the option of learning and not necessarily in the formal classroom.  Time and again the inner voice is dismissed for various reasons.  And then old age is upon the person and what we have is a reversal, a conscious turning to the childish state so that the separation will not be painful.

And it works for many.  But what is involved is a lack of no insight, no enlightenment and the souls find themselves back in the frying pan so to speak, none the wiser for the journey.  The problems compound themselves and the cycle is incomplete.  What to do?

We study the ancients and this means ourselves.  What is asked, with intensity and motive discerned, will be granted.  But when work is involved, the individual too often opts for diversion from his primary task.  Or the long way around the barn is taken, thinking that good works justify the person.  Good works coupled with intent and motive, do.  But the union with the invisible self is imperative.  For only then will the good be transmuted into stable conditions with long lasting improvement.  Otherwise the measures are like a bandaid when the body is bleeding.

The conclusions reached when this journey begins are simply on the surface.  They must be applied to the greater picture and not limited to persons.  The suffering begins but the habits are now attacked with persistence.  It defies the thinking brain that what was sufficient at one time and brought awards is no longer sufficient.  But the depth of man is being penetrated and the work just begins.   The  time is now.

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