It Is Enough



It Is Enough

It is enough. . . .
just breathing and feeling
the north wind
coming through the night.

It is enough. . . .
to stir my senses,
to lift me from my bed,
to get on with life.

It is enough. . . .
to work the dirty and sweaty labors
and point out
that in these are the gifts of life.

These are the beautiful,
along with the first snow
and the harvest intact and sealed.

And to find a reflection
of what I hold dear
in the eyes of an Other.

It is enough.

Art by Claudia Hallissey

2 responses to “It Is Enough”

  1. Maria, there are those days and those times when one knows whatever life brings that it is enough because how can it be better than this. . . thank you for commenting.

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