Old Friends. . . .




Old Friends

I summoned courage
from every quarter
with friends who
fleshed out my life.

There was Valor. . . .
a recent one whom
I befriended
and Patience who gathered
the young and nurtured them.
He was special.

And among these
were Honesty, a brilliant one
and Honor who brought up
those who lagged.
But also Trust,
a good friend to have beside me.

Altogether we formed
a contingent sent out
to regroup those who diverted
for the moment of excitement.

It, of course, could not last
and the old friends
were called upon time and again
to replenish forces.

It is a hard game to play,
this one of breaking rules.
The cost is harsh
with little profit.

Enough it is
to make use of those things
that prevail with values
hard won over time and tested.

That is when the gold shows.


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2 responses to “Old Friends. . . .”

  1. John, you are right but I never thought of those as a gang called Wisdom. My readers are the smart ones. . . .thank you for unearthing this bit of sagacity.

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