The Refuge, everlasting life. . . .

The Reserve

Across My Life

There were people
walking across my life,
leaving footprints, momentarily.

They were not lightweights
but real people
whose hearts mellowed
my life into pieces, manageable.

I loved them quickly, fiercely,
knowing they would
but stay a minute.
Now they are gone,
but leaving behind stretch marks
across my heart.
Would you or could you believe
a minute in my life
could do that?

And would this minute be worth
the happiness and
heartbreak of loss?

With life everlasting it could and it did.

Photo by
Joe Hallissey Jr.

3 responses to “The Refuge, everlasting life. . . .”

  1. e mail from Al. . . I really like this message. I think your life is really shaped by the footprints left by the people you meet.

  2. email from Jane Mc. . . .Very nice Veronica. . . Life really is about loving those that come into our lives and then allowing them to grow and move and us moving to the round of those that grace it. . . .

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