The Endeavor True. . . . .


Over the years I have found that if the desire is honest and the endeavor true  there comes into life what is needed. Not what is wanted but what is needed.  And into my life have come people who have supported and books that have affirmed my direction.  An author who came into my life when I so needed affirmation was Jane Roberts and her books on psychic phenomenon and her experiences with Seth for whom she channeled.

She came onto my life in the late sixties with her book. Seth Speaks.  I remember thinking,  oh she knows what it is like.  She had the best support in her husband who not only took notes but also prepared the manuscripts for her writings.  In doing some research recently,  coming to mind was Seth speaking about different civilizations and I remembered Lumania.  This was a peaceful, non violent species of physical beings who abhorred violence and died early because they never developed constructive means to channel expressions of anger and hostility.

We know we are more than what we appear to be.  Yet the human brain cannot begin to understand all that we are.  The Lumanians interested me because of their deep subconscious memory banks.  Bleed throughs are memories not of the current life and come unbidden.  Until our research begins to give space to those things intangible, and gives credence to the invisible,  we will continue to tout only the five senses and stymie evolution.  We will be no further ahead than we were when the greatest metaphysician tried to teach when he said  that my father’s house has many rooms.  And what you do for one you do for all.  As one of my readers emailed me and asked. evolution or salvation?  And I say both, if need be.  Why should one preclude the other?  Because if we dismiss evolution,  we might as well dismiss peace as a possibility.  And who can live without hope?

Jane Roberts and the Seth books,  Doris Lessing and the Shikasta Series,  Susan Howatch with her Church of England  series,  and Frank Herbert with the Dune books, these are my peer group I keep close to my chair.  These are old friends with whom I visit.  My newest visitor is Michael Talbot and his Holographic Universe which affirms for me my thinking since I came into this world without a putting place either for my memories or for myself. The others,  the ones with worn out covers where I keep doing reference work,  are my oldest friends,  my refuge.

Refuge In Dreams

In the beginning
when I was young
and when I was very cold,
I took my mammoth skin
and drew it closer about me
and found refuge in dreams.

Like a tourniquet,
it stopped the flow of life
out of me.

Now I am old
and I huddle still deeper
in my woolen wrap.
Closing my eyes,I discover
refuge again in my dreams.
And find it stops

the flow of life out of me.  Again.



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