Let The Lessons Begin. . . .

P1130999It occurred to me that a new meaning for the maxim, ‘at the end of your life you become more of what you were in the beginning’  throws it into another light.  I always thought in terms of this life,  that should you have been a brat as a child,  you will become even more bratty as an elder.  Now with this new thought,  I am thinking in terms of a broader existence.  For instance, other lifetimes, depending on who you were.

If you were a person of great demeanor,  this world would certainly test your mettle to become even more so.  Meaning if you were good,  you could become very, very good.  Perhaps good parents or honest merchants.  Perhaps a farmer feeding the populace both body and soul; perhaps one of our master’s angels unaware.

But what if you came in ready to beat the system, knowledgeable, greedy and sophisticated?  And I understand there are lines forming ready for the chance of borning again by  those addicted to the toys of this world and bent on having their share.  How else to explain the street smart except to have done it before?  We have these by large numbers, legal and illegal, in the world.  One then becomes greedier and more sophisticated to be one of the richest who get richer.  The hope is that all of us will work at being better than we were or at least an improvement.

I did not incorporate this in my earliest thinking.  That we are the summation of many lifetimes and some of us voluntarily take this gig, as balance and also as example.  What we have again is a responsibility to be the best of who we are and to not send crossed signals.  Except for those of trauma where memory is not closed off,  the rules of life are followed by the majority and do apply.

We are a homogeneous grouping of inhabitants needing to encourage one another.  Those talents given that are well earned had teachers who cared at different levels.  So another old maxim takes over.  Each one, teach one.  Let the lessons begin.  Let our behavior be exemplary and no cause for questions.  And we the teachers of lessons on how to be the best of humans, will be  forgotten which will be the best evaluation.  That gives rise to another maxim that says a lot of work can be done in this world if you do not mind who gets the credit.   The lessons of importance forever remembered and across the board,  another step in humanity’s progress.

It is a jump start evolution needs.


Photo by John Holmes

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