The Night Before We Put Beau Down. . .

Beau 002

As family members separate to find their independence,  or to find work in a mobile society,  the premises from which these souls wander still requires a caretaker.  We found in our domesticated animals an adaptability to our need for companionship  when these members left.   These sweet creatures become part of the family.  For those who knew us when Beau and his buddy walked about town,  it is with a grateful heart I say thank you to him who was part of our family for over a dozen years.  This is for you, Beau,  salut!

The Night Before We Put Beau Down. . .

He never betrayed
a belief system,
nor a confidence,
nor a value held tightly.

Yet today I see his legs
outstretched, uncomplaining
but with a distant look
not focused on me.

He has been leaning
a lot on me.
He speaks a language
signaling a departure
to which I have agreed.

It is time.
Body functions once dependable
now are a puzzlement
and my inabilities
loom as large as his.

We have been saying our goodbyes.
Like his predecessor,
he chose me by sitting
wet and sloppy on my foot.

Now I hold his years
of memories tenderly and
am grateful our lives were made
more compassionate and loving
by his obvious joy in our presence.

By loving us he made us all better people.


photo by
Joseph Hallissey Sr.

12 responses to “The Night Before We Put Beau Down. . .”

  1. e mail from Jane. . . What a nice tribute to Beau!! My sympathies to you all! Losing such a sweet friend is so very painful!! Dogs are truly the most loyal and loving friends ever, and when they are gone, they take a chunk of our heart with them! jane

  2. email from Pat. . . You’ve captured exactly how one feels when it is time to change the visible presence of our four legged friends. Your words are perfect. Thank you!

  3. e mail from Cheryl. . . . I know he was your love and gave you much happiness! He was lucky to be in your care!

  4. email from Mark. . .Just read your very moving post about Beau
    I know they speak their own language as well as ours. And I’m glad you were listening to Beau, and nearby when it was his time to leave

  5. email from Sally. . . I am so sorry for your loss. . He was a great dog. My heart goes out to you now.

  6. e mail from Suzanne. . .No one with a heart comes away unchanged after the death of a heart-dog. Godspeed, Beau.

  7. To all of you who shared our joy as well as our loss in this sweet creature, thank you for taking the time to tell us. Your thoughts and concern helped to fill the vacancy in my heart. Thank you all so much.

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