Toward Greater Life. . . .

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As children we are taught that unless it can be touched, or tasted, or weighed or measured in some way and above all, tested in a laboratory,  then it isn’t real; it is imagination.  And yet to dismiss the emotion that has our heart and mind expanding  to give us a larger view of a reality that physical life does not include, is to cheat ourselves.  It is this expanded view that shapes our lives to become better in ways that cannot be measured but can be seen and felt and integrated.   To say that a glimpse has been given, or the veil has shifted,  is to say there is a larger reality in which we participate  that the physical world cannot include.  It cannot because it is a reality with different accents in a language to be understood by the who I AM.  And that I AM or ME is the divine self within.  This divine self is what allows us to become one with all of life, the visible and the invisible. It is our door to a larger reality.   It is what allows me to blend with the where of where I am and hear your angst in the unspoken pause in our silent conversation.  We must remember that the word imagination comes from the word image and image has an icon in memory. And even the toddler in today’s world knows his icons.


Toward Greater Life

The heart searches parameters
for openings unto worlds
not torn by those intent
on limiting knowledge. . .

always searching
for those to willingly embrace
the differences challenging
the hesitant heart. . .

We look toward the union
of heart and mind
with the litigious veins
of knowledge, pushing like sludge
thickly through rock. . .

eager to consign edges
toward greater life. . .
knowing always the
least demanding would be
the most sought for.
Even the tardy would give
evolution a jump start.

Never insulting the slower envoy,
always grateful for the god participants,
the larger reality scoops forever
the narrow focus. . .

giving eternity’s starters new life and hope.

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