Guard The Children Well. . . .



Before us we have children who wish to be taught and loved and nurtured and given what children deserve.  A sacred passage into the world of delights and treasures and it all begins with the desire to learn.  It is within the heart of each to begin this process that sends us on a road toward our basic need to learn the why of who we are.  And yet for the greater number the first why is stepped on with boots heavy with mud.   It is to the parents that the honor of injecting the virus of learning into the child falls.  And with exuberance  the process of learning begins.  To each child,  each person the process is inviolate.  It is ours and should be guarded as a sacred trust.

Guard The Children Well. . .

being the harbingers of faith,
though less than the scope of thought
but dealing at most
with a yearning heart. . .

Sweet trust
was given first and told
to list always
toward its strength. . .

The heart was given thrust
with the thought
that expanded learning
brought new life.. .

Not to give away freely
but guarded with life so placed
that questions raised would always rise
as to the reason
such peace was present. . .

Guard the children well.
They work closely
with those of heightened courage
giving wisely to those intent always

on making a difference.

painting by Claudia Hallissey


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