What We Do For One. . . no lost causes. .


Sometimes there is need to repeat a post.  When this was first written it was because I felt that my efforts were strictly one sided.  And then I realized that many worked under this yoke and it was time to see the greater picture.  And this is a must.  Our boundaries or focus are limited and until we become conscious of our greater nature and purpose,  we will continue to feel resentful and the results of our labors will be nullified.  Until we see our contribution to the greater life and what we do enhances all life,  we will not be aware of the importance of what we do.  We were taught that what we do for one we do for all.  And the all includes life in other worlds also.  The picture becomes greater by the microsecond. 

A one sided effort does bring results.   Even when it appears to be a lost cause, it is not.  That someone cares enough to do what needs to be done is never a lost cause.  There cannot ever be a lost effort to do good in the universe.   That would be an oxymoron, a contradiction.   The ability to see this is paramount.   Even when no words are spoken there needs to be someone who cares enough to help expedite matters.  If there is not, it is a fruitless life.   But should there be caring, there is hope and a chance for life again.

Even those of lesser stuffs, those stuffs are only lesser because of the parameters set by others.   Take the parameters away and there are no limits for good.  And that is what good is all about, what gods are all about.   Within the person there are no limits for good.  What is life sustaining and life giving wherever the need is, is good.

When we wander through the mental houses of those we care about or are responsible for and find much that we would like to help with and then decide not to,  the ‘then not’ means we wash our hands of the matter.  To wash one’s hands of the matter is to relegate all to the dung heap.  If the one who can do something about anything finds the matter too sticky, the flies will be attracted and the matter will deteriorate and rot.   The purpose of keeping on, keeping on means that the people are still worth the effort.  As long as a some one cares, there is hope.   Just one to care is needed.    Just one.

 And often we are that just one someone.

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