Moksha. . .excellence of purpose. . . .


Moksha. . .excellence putting meaning into life. . . . .

Sometimes what we look for when I say ask for the larger picture is not what we wish or think we are supposed to see.  The larger picture may not have the desired results that we think we deserve.  The results may be completely outside our frame of reference. The results may be intended for you but for another time,  another world or for humanities’ sake primarily.  It will be for the greater good of all.

The results we look for in this world deal primarily with material things.  With often times a healing of some sort that has caused sorrow or pain.  The healing may be done in another world,  another time and to the person who we are and may not be at this time.

When we say the results may be not what we are looking for because the intensity of the work,   of the effort, may be the desired result.  This is the excellence of the effort, of the hard work.  This is the most important part of the larger picture that we miss.  And we do not see it,  are not aware of it and may not know that this is what we needed, wanted and required for the task at hand.  Excellence of purpose is the desired result.  In an ancient language there is the word Moksha which means excellence in performing a task for the inner joy  and self satisfaction that leads to self realization.  It leads to knowing who we are and our purpose.  It was important enough to have been given a word for its meaning.

It is an old fashioned, ancient part of our history that we never knew was important.  It is another of those edicts, maxims,  and principles that we shunted aside when we looked for immediate gratification.  But on these principles humanity rests and evolves.  Excellence of virtue.  A part of antiquity that we must bring again into our present,  our presence,  if humanity is to survive.  When we have been admonished by parental lectures that to work hard,  study and get a scholarship when we were let out of the car or the front door for school, meant that these would lead to a better life.

What we should have been taught is that life would be meaningful.  These virtues  will put music into your words,  a spring into your step and satisfaction into the work of your mind and hands.  These maxims will also hold this Earth planet together for our children, grandchildren and greats to grow up in. Moksha.  Excellence of purpose.  Take it to heart because it begins and ends there.

photo by John Holmes

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