Let It Begin With Me. . . .


The Mind set to turn a particular way
is already bent. . .
The Teacher

It is a benign universe in which we are, always just, always fair to the extreme.  If it does not appear so, our view of it may be  in need of adjustment.  Perhaps, just perhaps our focus is too narrow.

The divinity which resides in man puts him in the driver’s seat.  What happens in this lush planet will have recourse in universal seas.  What happens on one hearth,  happens on all hearths giving warmth or not.  What happens in one market place,  happens in all marketplaces.

What man does or undoes, will rebound.  Every act must be one of holy obligation.

The erstwhile professors claim their inadequacy and who are we not to believe them?  The clerics proclaim their great faith in a just God and yet bridle at the injustices and claim their humanity in not knowing the answers.  Can we not believe them?  Who knows them better than they do themselves?

When one proclaims his ignorance, he also proclaims his negligence in the obligation of thinking.  Thinking is a 24/7 work.  Hard work.  And this was not meant to be Paradise.   Wars and catastrophes are started by thought.  One man and one thought.  Think Holocaust.  Can we not think Peace?  Think on it.  And start on ourselves.

When we settle in for the night and put the light out, we are reminded  that night class is down the hall to the right.  The class is Ethics and Man.   The last class was cancelled.  No one showed up.  What is wanted is the heart to carry the argument of the right thing to do, complete with commitment, to put priority on what will sustain humankind, what will give life and not take life.

Do we qualify?



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Kathy Qualiana

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