As I See It. . . .

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As I See It . . . .

There are no more answers anywhere except those written within the individual on his heart.  It is all there for him to discover and what he discovers will be adequate for this time.  It works to cover tracks and to discover just one more truth which will enlighten what has already been learned.  For one it will be fine.  For another, it is nothing but a way station.

Everyone has a piece of the rock.  A piece of the truth.  The justification for each life is in the person and no place else.  Not in the life of their god or their spouse or their children.  But in themselves.  There is no other place than the place of the individual heart.

To be able to ensnare all knowledge in one fell swoop would be to discourage and dismantle the psyche.  It can be done but it would undo us all.  The psychological trauma would put the psyche on the shelf forever.  For who would have the courage to attempt another  journey?

Our need determines our intent.  And the caliber of teacher we require.  To strive toward the highest and best we can be will of itself bring to our side those who also strive to do best and those who yearn to touch the highest.  The divine within is called into conference and the work begins.  The journey only begins when the present becomes unbearable and the future unthinkable.

I hold two views within me.  That the universe is benign and at the same time it is ultimately good.  Benign because the rain falls on the just and the unjust and ultimately good because if it were not,  it would long ago have self destructed.  Can one hold two opposing views and live?  I hold the two at the core of me and at 85 I still breathe.

What can be born and borne in this world?  The knowledge that all reality is a preferential viewpoint.  That all reality is a preferred judgement and yet so incredibly real and so compatible that it all works.  Painful?  Of course.  Worthwhile?  We get to know the awesome power of individual thought.   That we can make Peace on Earth an actuality and not just a hope.

photo by John Holmes

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