The Good Night. . . .

IMG_20150126_125646_707-1The Good Night

I ask you
to take the good night and
follow your heart.
Wherever it takes you,  follow it,
for it will not lead you astray.

Cancel all thoughts
of destinations
conceived in mind.
They do not exist for you.
But follow the leanings of your heart
in flight and take the good night.

Whisper the night awake.
The stars will listen.
Murmur the moon into view
and it will light your path.
Take heed of your own awakening
from the black deep
and your heart will usher you

into worlds of your making.

(it is not a mistake to listen to our hearts.  The error is only in misunderstanding the heart’s murmurings.  The poem is from a collection in progress called The Love Psalms.)

3 responses to “The Good Night. . . .”

  1. Always good to listen to the heart but hard to filter out the noise in the mind. This is good.

  2. Wow Veronica, this is such an amazing poem. So inspiring to me. I will print this one out to look at again and again. So it looks like you might be working on a new book? Or do you write in collections as you mention?

  3. Maria, the Love Psalms have been collected through the years. And because I have been writing since forever, I have many on hand. Now for the energy to sift and sort. I hold the reader in mind as I write, pick and choose for my blog. Comments are a means of communication with my readers. Thank you for commenting.

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