By Whose Authority. . .


By Whose Authority. . . .

Your house is too small,
he said and now
we will expand. . .

I will not put you out
with the vultures,
but what you will know
is that I continue to love you.

And will tell you
winter comes again and
you will see the sun rise
and through the south window
you will see the stars fall
and the comet streak across the sky.

You will hear my voice
and vouch for my presence.
You will embrace the children,
love them and feed them meat
to make them iron rich.

They need a hot core in them
and you will provide it.
You will be asked
by what authority do you speak
and you will respond
by the same authority

granted to you to ask the question.

2 responses to “By Whose Authority. . .”

  1. Maria, after a lifetime of listening to that still, small voice within, to be able to see the words in print is empowering. To have someone relate to the words, is especially rewarding. Thank you for commenting.

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