Process of Change. . .


I had just put the dog out and as she limped  I  thought  it did not take away from her exuberance in the moment. We often think our present problem spoils everything.   It will if we allow it to.   We can learn to overlook or look over the problem, physical or otherwise to see that all else still shines.  Physical life is terminal but memory is forever.  We will take what is meant for growth and process it within.   Our genes will carry who and what we are ad infinitum. All events are not life or death moments.  Some events simply are.   Stepping outside ourselves will grant us a new perspective..

Life is a process of change.  Do we say we have learned all we could with no room for growth?   Our progress could have been swifter I once wrote.   Yes it could have, had not our commitments  taken us by their enormity.   Had not the awesome responsibilities of souls committed to us and by us not taken their time.  Yet we weave through lives of   commitment and see what are the products of those lives and find the results good.  And people will have an understanding of life not known before and the world will continue to turn and life will be lived with more depth.   And when we take those extra steps, together, there will be miles of progress called evolution. . .

A Process of Change

Winter, when I have had my fill of it,
leads me to yearn for the smell of the good earth
molding and fermenting that will make my roses bloom.

I do not yearn for the change to Autumn only when the Summer
has placed its unbearable burden on me and I can no longer carry it.

And when I have had enough of Autumn, that season that starts
with the famous explosions of color and ends with trees
in a condition of undress. . .

that I yearn for it all to be covered with the snow that
buries our mistakes.  And we go on again into Spring where
the stirrings of growth within our depths needs to be
reflected in our surroundings also. . .

Why cry then in my Self of nothing new to enliven my life
when already I hear the melody of a new song. . .

Can I sing of new worlds to conquer?

Photo by
Joe Hallissey Sr.


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