My Sister, My Earth. . . .


My Sister, My Earth. . .

Like a compass, I stand,
breathing deep
and at the end of my arm
stands the ancient city
and at the top of my head
the north wind still blows.

Cooler by far
during the last month
of the year but still refreshing.

How to love this Earth
whose pines blister my skin
and give fertile gifts to my heart?
Astringent at times,
comforting at others, the jewels
my eyes would linger on.

It is with marvel I scan
the horizon, for how can man live
without one?
Trees hover, cattails linger,
long after their season, so much.

The water shimmers in the sun,
casting waves, glancing off shores.
Where else can Earth
find its mate?

It finds me, or I, it.
I bow on knees ready to lay lips
to her black dirt, ready also to lay
my body into her to gain her courage.

A sister, born and bred to serve
and to speak her seasons with eloquence;
to shed her gifts with magnificence
and all she asks,

is we be her stewards.

photo by
Joe Hallissey Sr.


5 responses to “My Sister, My Earth. . . .”

  1. Veronica, I read your thoughts with admiration, pensiveness, joy, deep reflection- whatever they stir in me. It is an honor to read them and it has been awhile since I have written to tell you so. When I think of your writing some words come to mind- honesty, integrity, commitment to the responsibilities given, seeing the beauty in the ordinary, commitment to the young, wisdom. I could go on………..but they are too many and I do not have the words to tell of all the ways you speak to my mind and spirit. I always wish you well on this life journey.

  2. e mail from Suzanne. . . .

    “….and all she asks,
    Is we be her stewards.”

    This broke my heart, because we’re failing
    We can’t even be stewards to ourselves, these
    days. What hope does Earth have for survival
    I send her love…..through my tears.

    Blessings to you, Veronica. You help bear
    the Light.


  3. Lois, you honor me with your comments. I am filled with gratitude when I hear from readers that my work speaks to their tender places. Thank you for your thoughts. They help with my keeping on.

  4. Suzanne, we love our Earth sister and she speaks with a strong voice to those of us who hear her. And she speaks not only to us but to the rest of the Universes. . . The consequences of her hurt are ongoing. . . Thank you for seeing this. . . .we may just be a handful, but we are a powerful handful. . .

  5. Goes right to my heart Veronica. I too want to “lay my lips to her black earth”.. and “gain her courage”.

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